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This website that will 'translate' your song lyrics for you.

which i think is great, its actually a really great idea

but i have already needed help in that category for years

and i think almost a decade ago someone else thought up that idea or had a website that already does that

it is called urbandictionary.com

its pretty good too
(article in businessweek

Actually,now that i think about it...whatever furthers education

"Rap Genius Decodes Lyrics for the Masses
Three Ivy League grads launch an online startup to decipher rap lyrics"

by gRyPhOn December 04, 2011
bouncing the fuck out;
leaving with great haste
" pume ... he was outta there"
"aint nothin' faster than a pume.."

mentioned in a Maino interview
'allegedly' (because i dont know) one of Lil Cease's guys got out quick after he got hit

he said it i didnt make it up-i take no credit
by gRyPhOn July 10, 2008
almost like winding up for your punch or cocking your arm back; it is a little reflex that shows you are going to punch before you do it. Experienced fighters are usually better at hiding how they are coming at you or not at all. Sometimes if you are quick enough it doesn't matter.
silvers Author | 2007-05-06 22:18:30

street fighter didn't have shit. there was no art in his technique. he telegraphed his punches like a bitch and because of this he was easy to read. mma guy waits for him to swing, knows where the kids head is and bang, bang, bang. socked him with the left like 3 times in a row near the end with that shit

stolen from -(a fighting tips website)
by gRyPhOn July 10, 2008
To be admitted into a group without having to go through an initiation ritual.
In trying to have their membership quickly grow, new recruits to the club were walked in.
by gRyPhOn December 13, 2011
1. A business week is usually the days during the week that a place of work is open

Five days a week from monday to friday has become the norm for most of the world leaving weekends free from work, for the most part

2. 'Businessweek' is a magazine, probably related to news in the modern marketplace
Waiting for this business week to end so I can get to the weekend.
by gRyPhOn December 04, 2011
A dance that is real easy to do, check it out. First you limp to the side like your leg was broken, then you are invited to invent your own moves, according to your ethnic background.
"Step off, I'm doin' the Hump," said Stephanie.
by Gryphon August 05, 2003
n. a girf is what most people think a chode is, a girf is when a dick is fat and short, a chode or gooch is the bridge between the asshole and the ballsack
that "girf" (not chode) was so nasty it was fatter than it was long
by gRyPhOn October 16, 2003

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