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4 definitions by bbknmj

someone who punches them self in the dick or vagina when they're piss at mw2.
when you play mw2 make sure not to mlaw.
by bbknmj September 06, 2010
A pink unicorn that cant go to Newport so it neighs at the moon which sounds like "EHHHHHHHA!!"
Brandon: oh sorry Mlaw you cant go to Newport )':
by bbknmj May 28, 2011
Brandon mutha fuckin Fraser is BigB iight??!
Thats all you got to know bout BigB.
by bbknmj May 28, 2011
An amazing person that is awesome to talk to and is my bestfriend! :D
She is pretty even though she denies it, around 11pm the dirtiness comes out of her xD, We're guna fly to Bolivia in a hotair ballon one day, oh and FBGM! as she would say.
girf is the one and only, until Tiff puts her hair like girfs..then shes girf# 2
by bbknmj May 28, 2011