A codeword meaning the person was linked to something from the website Imgur.
"why are we saying giraffe?"
"we are from imgur but secretly don't want you to know."
by Ruinseverything February 02, 2013
A large mammal that has a long neck with spots. They often make noises that consist of "maaaahhhh" or sometimes a more excited "mah-mah-mah-mah-maaahhh"
Did you see that giraffe it said "Maaahh"
by Scotch YB July 02, 2010
To exaggerate someones height.
Wow, Taylor Swift? She's so giraffe.
by drmeow October 16, 2011
a tall skinny women, that has a long neck, and very skinny legs.
"Dude that women belongs in the zoo with the rest of the giraffes"
by ojotheshow April 25, 2009
Someone who can suck a dick from afar. (n, adj.)
1. "That bitch looks like a Giraffe!"
2. "She's a mean giraffe."
by WeRWeed247 October 17, 2011
A hand gesture made by pointing the index & pinkie fingers straight up while bending your middle & ring fingers into a horizontal position atop the thumb. You do this when something really fucking cool happens, or when something extremely hilarious has just occured. Only used by the coolest of the cool.
Maddie: Duuuuuuuuude, Shelby just fell down a flight of stairs!
Meghan: Oh my gosh!
Meghan & Maddie together: GIRAFFE!!!
by kowabungja June 11, 2011
A chick who's neck has an extra two or three vertebrae.
"Ann Coulter, that fuckin' giraffe! She could deep-throat a pack mule!!"
by mcbitty August 18, 2009

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