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cool-hot, serious-humorous, to love-to envy, flambyont-tornedo of energy...brains..he can do anything and everything... a complete man
Sandeep Sandeep Sandeep
by Shilpa November 24, 2004
Someone who is a great prophet born to lead the world from ugliness, hate, and bad taste in music. Funny, Smart, Sexy are only three modest adjectives that describe the awesomeness of someone who is sandeep. No matter what your gender is, you should ask someone that is sandeep out.
I am so sandeep; i just rescued 10,563 people from a burning building.
by my name is not sandeep April 12, 2009
From the infamous professor, to talon whatever you may be doing, to kill it, to be successful, to rape
Yo son, I totally sandeep'D that test, I killed that shit son.
by kbomb84 March 28, 2005
The ultimate definition of a man. He is cool, amazing, fantastic, honest and kind-hearted. He may come across with very camp tendencies, and above all, he is a complete ladies' guy.
John: Yo Daniel, I wanna ask out that chick over there. Got any ideas?
Daniel: How should I know? Go find Sandeep, hes good at NOT being a douche.
by slidetounlock July 24, 2011
A term to describe 'limited edition' equipment on renault clios.
yo man, your clios got sandeep headlights...there worth £95 you know!
by NJ1 December 17, 2010
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