When dancing "freaky" with a girl, the man (or women) reaches his head around and sucks face with the partner.
Derek giraffed Ali while she was grinding her sweet ass on his cock.
by Derekthegiraffe August 15, 2008
A female that resembles a giraffe do to very long eyelashes and a long neck.
"I was at a party last night and outta nowhere a giraffe started hitting on me"
by Mikey C Notes October 16, 2006
A slick move that takes place while freak dancing in which a male, while standing behind a female, stretches his head around in order to make out with her while continuing to dance.

The major extension of the neck muscles makes the situation nearly analogous to watching a human giraffe desperately make out with a drunk hottie.
Dude, did you see that girl Sandeep was dancing with last night? After she had a couple drinks, he giraffed her and just wouldn't stop!

Aaron had some major balls to giraffe that girl at the party last night. She must've been a foot shorter than him; I'm surprised his neck isn't sore today.
by Rooner January 28, 2008
A young hot straight male looking to experiment with other guys.
Michael says he straight, but we all know he is a secret Giraffe.
by giraffe_hunter February 11, 2010
term used for 750ml 'Long Neck' bottle of beer
esp when drinking a draught beer
yo Nick dont worry!, Morgan is rounding up some Giraffes
by Nick SmiF December 04, 2007
A half ounce of marijuana.
"How much are you after?"
"Just give me a Giraffe."
by Cat in Pants May 03, 2006
{JEER a-ffe} n.
Animal commonly found in african savannahs. Has very long neck and is yello with brown spots.
**people on a safari in the african plains**

-Dude, look at the giraffe!
.It's got such a long neck!
by RubyGirl June 21, 2005

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