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when something revolting makes u wretch un-controllably
the smell was so bad i was 'gipping' for hours
by Nige September 18, 2003
A variation of the sexual act "pegging"(practice in which a woman puts on a strap-on dildo and anally penetrates a man). For this act, not only does a woman use a strap-on dildo,but she must also don a Ronald Reagan mask.
The best part of gipping is not that she wears a Ronald Reagan mask, not the strap-on,no, the best part of gipping is the trickle down effect of Santorum.
by Myra Breckinridge October 16, 2012
When someone doesn't stfu and keeps going on and on and on.
Rochelle wouldn't stfu about me looking at other women, she just keeps gipping about it.
by Gromitdog May 24, 2010
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