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when something revolting makes u wretch un-controllably
the smell was so bad i was 'gipping' for hours
by Nige September 18, 2003
Really Nice Crisps (chips to our cousins across the pond)
could i have some Walker's Crisps Please
by Nige December 21, 2004
Literally, 'Full Of Beer'
"man, i'm really Gambrinous, i'm Going To Bed"
by Nige January 29, 2004
the state of ones 'ringpiece' after vigorous wiping due to a very hot curry, or a case of the 'wild shites', or during a dose of the 'the trots'
i've been wiping so much my arsehole is like a 'chewed orange'
by Nige September 18, 2003
when one wipes ones bum after a dump and the paper is as white as it was made, aka 'an angel', no residue
dave was in and out of the loo in 2 minutes as he performed a 'royal wipe'
by Nige September 17, 2003
Slang term for pussy, cunt or beaver.
I wouldn't mind playing a few notes on her Bavarian water harp...
by Nige March 31, 2004
Shit, Dump
I'm off for an for an eartha kitt, good old Eartha
by Nige September 17, 2003
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