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A laugh; a form of retarded laughing.
This is yoooooouuuuuuuuuuu!
Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw!
by Eric Shum June 12, 2004
This is a brilliant way of laughing, often brought up by people in a humerous situation - it is spoken or laughed! in a guffaw-type fashion and is sparsely used...yet

Its a good word, but not to be mistaken with whore!

it's not meant to be offensive, simply better than "lol"

Could be used in a sarcastic better
"she just set her username as something dorky! haw!"


"hawhaw, you're so funny"

by Luvmehaw-ing November 12, 2007

created by twentyways on twitter
"I love it when you hate it means i am doing something right." H.A.W
by TWENTYWAYS July 09, 2009
a term that originated in southern Ontario, Canada, which generally refers to a very gorgeous girl that acts like a 13 year old boy. This term can be used positively or negatively depending on the situation.
guy 1: dude, that girl you brought to my party the other night was so hot.

guy 2: Yeah man, I know. She's a bit of a Haw though - but that's okay.
by Tyrone2323 January 31, 2009
Word commonly said by grandpa's with nothing else to say
"Hey did you watch the dodgers game last night?"
"Haw, you said it"
by professorhaw November 26, 2013
an interjection in common English vernacular used to express frustration or annoyance.
Haw! Can't you just shut the fuck up?
by Derek ross July 16, 2006
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