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A Yorkshire term meaning to wretch. Outsiders often assume it means to vomit, but gipping is only a precursor to vomiting and vomiting does not necessarily ensue.
Holy crap she minged. Her face made me gip.
by cheesuschrist May 27, 2006
Archaic form of 'you' still used in areas of Northern England
"How art thou today?"
"I'm not too shabby, hows about thaself?"
by cheesuschrist May 27, 2006
A Northern English term describing those also commonly referred to as chavs and townies and elsewhere as Kevs and Neds. They are ignorant people who tend to wear sports clothing, large chains and baseball caps. They apparently have little intelligence and fewer principles. The word originates from TWOC meaning 'taking without consent'
That twocker has just beaten that OAP for her pension money
by cheesuschrist May 27, 2006

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