Ghetto Informant Program = GIP FBI pressuring blacks to tell of suspected militants in an effort to surpress the black movement in the late 60's and early 70's.
Time to go collect information in black areas and report back to paranoid white folks. Scared blacks telling on each other. GIP = Ghetto Informant Program...
by mich44 February 20, 2011

verb,gipped, gipping, noun,gip, gipper;

1. to covertly invite member(s) of opposite sex to a 1 on 1 chat or a meeting in an interest of a sexual favor.

2. to prevent member(s) of opposite sex from meeting or congregating with their friends of same sex to obstruct sexual interaction: i.e. cockblock.

3. an interference of one's sexual intentions with another person.

4. gipper, \gie-p-per\; a person who performs an act of gip.

2010, korean-americanism; an acronym derived from blend of two words, 개인 and play (Gay-In-Play), prevalent in greater Washington D.C region of United States and currently in Germany.

개인; korean \gay-in\ meaning individual, individualism;
play; english \pley\ to act or sustain, to perform;

1. cockblock, pimp, coerce, enchant, hog

2. team play, wingman, assist, hinder, hindrance, prevent
John: Where's Jack today?
Josh: Who knows? Probably gipping with his gippees.

Jack: Check out this verse from my gip bible, aka gible!
Jane: *takes off her panties*

John: Yo Jack, teach me the way of GIP sson!
Jack: Ok, listen up. There was this puppy...
John: *takes off his pants*

Jack: Do you like GIP? I do! Shhwwweeeetttt!!!!!!!
by real_gip December 10, 2010
GIPS (Garantert Ingen Penger Spart) is the name of a norwegian high risk pirate-taxi company. It is located in Bergen, and has a high rating of fatal exidents.
"If you dont want to live more, drive with GIPS taxi service."

"If you wants to spend a lot of money, to get unsafe home, drive with GIPS taxi service"

by B-mannnnnnnnnn March 08, 2009
A collective noun to describe a gathering of Azeri people. Derived from the term “gippin”.

G pronounced as in "gun".
Take a deep breath and don’t let them push in this que! Brace yourselves – here comes the gip.

I was in a bar in Baku when suddenly I was surrounded by a gip of slappers.
by October 29, 2011
Gay Hairy Nipples; A rotund individual with a pungent odor and an unusual amount of cilium around the areola.
Origin: Jack Daniels.
Evolution: Hairy Nipples, Hairy Nips, Nips, Gay Nips, Gips.
Every time I see Gips I feel like I'm going to puke
by Ryan March 21, 2005
gip is a codeword for sex. Usually used among teens who are speaking amongst unwanted eavesdroppers. Used so parents, teachers etc do not know what they are talking about.

Originated from private schools in Western Australia.
Did you gip Jane last night!?
by Jimfresh101 May 24, 2010
Get It Pumped. It is performing sexual acts on a partner you are emotionaly or sexualy attracted too.
Friend One: I am begining to really like that girl.

Friend Two: GIP !
by Muscles Glasses Twin Brother July 04, 2011
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