Ghetto Informant Program = GIP FBI pressuring blacks to tell of suspected militants in an effort to surpress the black movement in the late 60's and early 70's.
Time to go collect information in black areas and report back to paranoid white folks. Scared blacks telling on each other. GIP = Ghetto Informant Program...
by mich44 February 20, 2011
1. Get It Poppin
2. To do something fun
3. To go out and party
4. To fuck bitches
5. To get money
6. To hang out with the boys
7. To go to the club
8. To plan a party
9. To Celebrate

Are we gonna G.I.P. tonight?

G.I.P. ayyyy?!?!?!
by axchino July 16, 2008
Of British orgin, meaning to throw up in one's mouth.
Person 1: Oh my gawd that was so gross!
Person 2: That made me gip.
by Saruhbear August 26, 2008
girl i'd poke

a hot/attractive female
ms kirk is a GIP
by alice_in_wonderland August 14, 2008
A pig from the arse end up. Usually used to describe someone ugly and/or with pig like traits. Pig back-to-front.
your house is a mess ya gip.
by abbiengrace00 March 03, 2008
a loser; someone that is rude, uncool and/or mean
Sharpay is such a gip.

"I am not a gip!"
by Angel1Sweet6 July 27, 2009
like "crap" or "jacked up" in place of a accual curse word
as in"Dude, ur 'gf' just asked me out"
and you're all like "Dude, that's GIP!!!"
by Hannah Wentz October 09, 2007

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