Idiotic youtube commenter.
Youtube comment:"DEATH to all Emos, get a life or get laid attention seeking fucks". See this guy is a gink.
by little emo March 19, 2008
To bend, tweak or alter a part so that it will fit desired application
I had to gink the connection so that it would work
by terry c August 18, 2007
I hear this word everyday. It is an assimilation of the words "gook" and "chink". Obviously a deragatory term for individuals of Asain descent.
Those Asain ginks are infestating this apartment complex with bugs by leaving their front doors open all of the time.
by tonsil January 19, 2007
A Gink is someone that can beat everyone's asses without trying at all.
Dude don't fuck with him...he's a Gink.
by Travvy September 06, 2006
A guy, a nerd, a geek
Warren Harding called Herbet Hoover "the smartest gink I know."
by Rich Gill June 25, 2005
It's been said that a gink is someone who farts underwater and eats their bubbles.
"Jeremy is such a gink! Lenny caught him eating his fart bubbles in the tub again!"
by mawst March 17, 2005
No, no no, you all have it wrong. A gink is someone who wacks off and spooges in a bottle because he thinks it gives him special powers.
Ned: "yo Phil, what's a gink?"

Phil: "someone who spooges in a bottle because they think they get special powers."
by Nexus December 13, 2004

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