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A Gink is someone that can beat everyone's asses without trying at all.
Dude don't fuck with him...he's a Gink.
by Travvy September 06, 2006
10 30
A guy that goes around sniffing girls bicycle seats.
I saw Joe sniffing Marys bicycle seat yesterday.
by Jimrodel D'Gnollbel April 09, 2005
13 33
It's been said that a gink is someone who farts underwater and eats their bubbles.
"Jeremy is such a gink! Lenny caught him eating his fart bubbles in the tub again!"
by mawst March 17, 2005
39 59
The male equivalant of gunt.
Those two are made for each other. His gink is as big as her gunt.
by Ginko July 27, 2003
10 30
This is what happens when you become so angry at an Italian, you threaten them with this word to basically say you're going to cook them into a roasted Italian. It's Guinea + Roasting
Dude 1: I wonder what would happen if you roasted an Italian....
Dude: while that is pretty creepy, I'd have to say it sounds like a Gink

EX 2:
John Everydayman:'re going to be a gink
by Say Whaaaaaat? May 16, 2010
6 27
meaning dumb bitch and or skank
Man she is a total gink ,cause she sucked my cock for a penny.
by madmass September 02, 2009
6 27
Someone who says it's too late for party time.
Gink says it's too late for party time. Too lateeeeee.
by Totally Not-Gink December 22, 2008
1 22