french inhaling a ghost
Stoner: Dude that gink was so sick!
by ganjababegw April 04, 2011
A negligible man, especially a tall, skinny one.
See that tall, skinny gink in the T-shirt that says "Chicks dig tall, skinny giinks"?
by PBrain June 30, 2004
i was told ,it was the stuff in the corner of your eye when you woke up in the morning.
"you've got gink in your eye"
by Mark McCarthy April 20, 2007
Short for Ginkgo Biloba

You can buy them over the counter. You burn the plastic capsuels which not only gets rid of the plastic but hardens the gink extract inside. You break it into halfs or thirds then put in a bowl. You smoke it and it makes you feel realy good.
I just started smoking Gink and I never felt better.
by Evan T J October 07, 2006
A guy that goes around sniffing girls bicycle seats.
I saw Joe sniffing Marys bicycle seat yesterday.
by Jimrodel D'Gnollbel April 09, 2005
A person much like a geek, only Ginkier.
You're such a freakin' Gink, man.
by Dufus Israelisus April 23, 2003
Where I come from this is a ring piece, or bum hole.
A friend of mine had been playing rugby against some americans and a large chap lifted him up by his ass cheek. He ended up needing surgery after the incident as "he f@%$ing split my gink wide open!" (his words not mine)
by Big Shag. January 16, 2010

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