derogatory term for a human being
that guy is such a f*cking gink man.
by Andrew October 07, 2003
french inhaling a ghost
Stoner: Dude that gink was so sick!
by ganjababegw April 04, 2011
To bend, tweak or alter a part so that it will fit desired application
I had to gink the connection so that it would work
by terry c August 18, 2007
A negligible man, especially a tall, skinny one.
See that tall, skinny gink in the T-shirt that says "Chicks dig tall, skinny giinks"?
by PBrain June 30, 2004
A person much like a geek, only Ginkier.
You're such a freakin' Gink, man.
by Dufus Israelisus April 23, 2003
meaning dumb bitch and or skank
Man she is a total gink ,cause she sucked my cock for a penny.
by madmass September 02, 2009
A catch-all racial slur used to refer to anyone not of one's own race or culture. Since it can be used equally by any race to refer to any other race, it's use cannot be censored or censured by political correctness nannies, because it does not promote hatred against any specific racial minority.
Barack Obama is a gink. Queen Elizabeth is a gink. The Dalai Lama is a gink. To you, I'm a gink. To me, you're a gink. So now we've said what we think of each other, let's just close this deal, yeah?
by Mystikan January 24, 2009

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