No, no no, you all have it wrong. A gink is someone who wacks off and spooges in a bottle because he thinks it gives him special powers.
Ned: "yo Phil, what's a gink?"

Phil: "someone who spooges in a bottle because they think they get special powers."
by Nexus December 13, 2004
The male equivalant of gunt.
Those two are made for each other. His gink is as big as her gunt.
by Ginko July 27, 2003
A Glasgow or Western Scottish term for a bloke or geezer, basically means ordinary person.
See thon gink ower there, he's brighter than he looks!
by The Scottish Contingent August 22, 2008
A person of questionable character and/or a cheater in the video golf community.
McJeff: "I just found out the JJ put me on the gink list. That does it! I'm going to start my own message board."
by Sgt Fury September 19, 2009
When a gook and a chink make a baby it becomes a fuckin' gink.
Look at that stupid gink man... let's shoot him up.
by Dudette May 24, 2004
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