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Term made popular by the band "Dolere" describing thier unique genre.
Stands for Gothic, Metal, Industrial and Punk.
Look at all these bands saying that they are GIMP, they all got it from Dolere.
by Milkthief January 29, 2005
1. Sex slave covered head to toe in latex/leather, sometimes voluntarily (as in BDSM).

2. By extension someone who is totally servile towards another person. Characterised by flat, lifeless hair, pale complexion (even if they're black) and poor posture, these people automatically come to defend their master during a Facebook flame war, regardless of what the topic is. Usually an LGBT male associated with an LGBT female or transmale, though undoubtedly other variations exist.
1. This is my gimp, see, my dick slots in just there!

2. Dude: People should be allowed to watch porn in the privacy of their own homes.
Master: You are a misodgynist and you must stop objectifying women.
Gimp: Yes you stupid virgin.
Dude: Stay out of this Gimp
by Woodnot July 17, 2014
A player in sports who is usually not a very good player, but every once in a while, when nobody is expecting it, they make a legendary catch, throw, or anything of the kind.
Team Captain 1: I'll take Sven on my team.

Team Captain 2: I've got Gimp
by RighteousPistachio May 08, 2014
To order extra food for no one in particular when ordering in a restaurant or for carryout. Similar to ordering for the table.
I like to gimp a couple orders of mozzarella sticks, some bread sticks and and an order of onion rings.
by chasm August 24, 2012
Similar to a P.I.M.P only wearing a mask and zip up suit. Talks less shit than a P.I.M.P even though hes used as a sex toy. Unlike a brash P.I.M.P a G.I.M.P Is generally quite passive & subservient minus the chronic stone habit.
If your rolling with me your rolling with a G.I.M.P.
by El Cholo May 27, 2004
A "gimp" is most commonly used as an insult in the United Kingdom.
Practically a more offensive way of saying "loser".
Verbal offender: "Shut up, you little gimp"
by PoppinToaster December 20, 2013
1. The GNU Image Manipulation Program .

2. Mungaz - A Shaman in Warhammer.
1. gimp is like photoshop, used for image editing.

by Your_Master October 24, 2008