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Term used in MMORPGs to refer to a game character who is not up to his full potential at his current level.
That guy is a total gimp. Look at the crappy weapon he is using.
by Nuthman March 07, 2006
Word meaning bitch. Started some time in the mid 80's. Was used by members of the rap group "NWA"
song from NWA album niggaz4life:
I'd rather f*ck yoooooou... yeaaaaaaaah biotch! (said I'd rather f*ck with yoooou)
by Nuthman March 07, 2006
"For The Win!"

Used in online games such as "Anarchy Online" or "World of Warcraft"

Usually used sarcastically or jokingly.
Solitus Enforcer N00b FTW!

Quality level 300 Alien armor FTW!

Gimpy character setup FTW...jk
by Nuthman March 06, 2006

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