someone who misses the overall point when they are reprehended, they get very defensive and sometimes aggressive. Refuses to admit they are wrong even when their argument is completely invalid.
There is usually always one in every school. An unruly student who refuses to see the point when they are corrected, often turning aggressive and disrupting the classroom situation.
Angie: Tríona you know you're not allowed eat on the corridor.
Tríona: Yes but I've finished eating now.
Angie: I know, but you broke the rules.
Tríona: I'm finished eating. It doesn't matter anymore..
Angie: You're missing the point and setting a bad example to other students.
Angie: Tríona.. you're such a gimp!
by CallMeA May 05, 2013
Get in my pants
OMG babe i'm so horny GIMP
by icantstop17 April 04, 2014
gimp is a photoshop-like image editing application for linux.
"i use gimp on windows too"
by shagtastic_f January 29, 2005
a person who is funny looking and does things wierd
That kid on the basketball court runs like a GIMP
by Gimp Hater July 02, 2007
A gangsta in masterful pose. Not to be confused with a gimp involved in S&M sexual fetishes, like in the movie Pulp Fiction.
Marcus: Ay, check out that G.I.M.P., he be mackin on dem bitchz.

by Chrisgristle April 07, 2007
code word for "Girl In My Pants". also meaning that a girl wants to be fukd by u bad.
dude i got a G.I.M.P.
by hamghetti... September 29, 2006
play on the 50 cent song "P.I.M.P". Everyone knows at leased one G.I.M.P, a person who fronts like he has loads of game but really is the laughing stock of all those who can be asked to notice him.
"Hey there missy, wanna come back to my place and play on my Sega Genisis with me" asked William
"Get outta my face u G.I.M.P. Dont make me get out the pepper spray"
by Big Daddy K April 11, 2006

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