Similar to a P.I.M.P only wearing a mask and zip up suit. Talks less shit than a P.I.M.P even though hes used as a sex toy. Unlike a brash P.I.M.P a G.I.M.P Is generally quite passive & subservient minus the chronic stone habit.
If your rolling with me your rolling with a G.I.M.P.
by El Cholo May 27, 2004
To order extra food for no one in particular when ordering in a restaurant or for carryout. Similar to ordering for the table.
I like to gimp a couple orders of mozzarella sticks, some bread sticks and and an order of onion rings.
by chasm August 24, 2012
someone who misses the overall point when they are reprehended, they get very defensive and sometimes aggressive. Refuses to admit they are wrong even when their argument is completely invalid.
There is usually always one in every school. An unruly student who refuses to see the point when they are corrected, often turning aggressive and disrupting the classroom situation.
Angie: Tríona you know you're not allowed eat on the corridor.
Tríona: Yes but I've finished eating now.
Angie: I know, but you broke the rules.
Tríona: I'm finished eating. It doesn't matter anymore..
Angie: You're missing the point and setting a bad example to other students.
Angie: Tríona.. you're such a gimp!
by CallMeA May 05, 2013
A player in sports who is usually not a very good player, but every once in a while, when nobody is expecting it, they make a legendary catch, throw, or anything of the kind.
Team Captain 1: I'll take Sven on my team.

Team Captain 2: I've got Gimp
by RighteousPistachio May 08, 2014
A cripple of qualities similar to a P.I.M.P. This invalid has either a deadly disease or physical impairment. He is usually seen thuggin' it up with his biatches in the hospital or other place of handicapped residence (his hood). He prefers to decorate his impairment or medical equipment with toned bling bling. The gimpjuice flows like crystal.
Yo nurse, strip for this muthafuckin G.I.M.P.

Can I get a damn IV tube in this damn club? WTF.
by Gimplaya November 18, 2003
a male prostitute often called dan price
jay: got your gimp ready for tonight?
Glen: yeyeye his name is dan price
jay: ohh yeah hes a good one!
by DANIEL PRICE :) December 07, 2009
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