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A male who is sexually aroused by being bound in either leather or latex and beaten by a female who shows assertiveness.
Gimps also have homosexual tendancies
They usually drive Red Supras, and run to their mothers whenever anything goes wrong.
"Frederick Schneiter is such a Gimp, he loves being beaten by girls. I should have known when he bought that Red Supra, he's such a mumma's boy too."

"WOAHH CHECK THAT GIMP being beat by that woman!"
by [SX1.LX1] May 09, 2009
An idiotic, annoying person commonly called pip. A gimp makes stories up to try and better other peoples generally low opinions of him. Gimps are creepy and hide on the stairs. A gimp may also stutter.
God, pips such a gimp
by TheWilly April 10, 2007
1. a sex slave

2. a gag-ball

3.an outcast
Man, that Kevin Z. is such a gimp. I mean seriously, GitRdun? What the hell is that all about???
by chrisbo347 August 29, 2006
Person who wears leather/pvc bondage gear. Enjoys being tied up, beaten, hung from roof beams, and wearing chains, etc. Arse less chaps are a must have for any wanna be gimp
Michael Craven you are leather/pvc clad sado-masochistic gimp
by Timmy007 April 30, 2006
A very submisive loser who often plays "the bitch" when involved in sexual activities with other men
Owen Frere is the biggest gimp i have ever met
by Taps July 23, 2005
verb. To exert complete dominance over another, typically in some form of competition.
1) Damn, our basketball team got gimped so hard the other day, it was sad to see.

2) Dude, I gave you a complete gimping in foosball yesterday.
by Miguel January 30, 2005
A large, hairy man who wears a sparkling, glittery wig; a cape that when tied around his neck begins to cut of the circulation to his brain since it's made for a child and carrys a pretty star-topped wand.
Norm was the gimp for Halloween, it made me cry.
by Moot January 15, 2004