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Australian, N.Z. ; n
wellington boots; galoshes; overshoes; gumboots.
grab yer wellies mate its pissin down rain.
by herbie August 17, 2004
A term for a asian homo that gets drunk and is willing to perform oral sex to anyone that will give him a shot of alcohol.
Damn that chink welly blew me. he said I'll suck yo dick for a shot, and i didn't have any shot.

That Welly offered to suck my dick for a shot.
by 91612 June 02, 2006
verb: past participle: wellied...

In football (soccer), just whacking the ball as hard as you can and hoping for the best.
I still had the ball but I didn't know whether to shoot or cross, and basically I just wellied it towards goal. It went in, and I ran behind

chances because we rarely keep the ball after our back four just welly it forward all the time instead of passing it into the midfield
by Bylli May 19, 2009
A group of poor people.

Possibly a family of welfare recipients, or the children of parents who collect welfare.

Referencing being or close to being on welfare.

State of having no or little money.
"Hey look at all those wellies over there."

"I can't go out tonight because my parents are wellies."
by Brother Paul Whitney March 02, 2009
To try really hard doing something (Scottish).
''Put some welly intae it ya useless cunt''
by Brendan April 05, 2003
State of having no or little money.
Referencing being or close to being on welfare.
I can't go out tonight because I'm too welly.

You're a welly bastard.
by hold my drink August 26, 2005
An alternative/emo/indie club on Beverley Road in Hull, England.

Most famous for it's under-18's nights, which are held on a Friday night.

Is often compared to Spiders, though is different because it is also orientated towards indie kids.

Often abbrieviated to {W} (using square brackets instead.) due to the logo above the entry door that is characteristic of Welly.
"Are you coming to Welly on Friday?"
"I sure am!"
by Bekah_x February 17, 2009
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