A geeky dick. An asshole. Someone who corrects your already geeked out world at every turn. Mostly fat kids with self-confidence insecurities.
Me: Obi-Wan is just freaking awesome, especially in the Clone Wars.

Gick: It's pronounce OH-bee WAHN, not oh-BEE wahn, you dumbfuck.
by DerynEilis January 25, 2012
Top Definition
An irish slang word for 'Shit'
See also shite
Ah for f**ks sake, who is after walking gog gick into the new carpet ?
by Liam August 25, 2003
An Irish slang word for 'Shit'
After his first day at the sewage plant, Paddy came home covered, head to toe in gick
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
Someone who is not expressly one's girlfriend/boyfriend; however, they are still mutually exclusive. For instance, they will attend parties together and might hook up. People know that they are "off-limits" yet the gicks's are not literally going out.
Guy 1: *Ski-ooop*, that girl is pretty hot.

Guy 2: No man, didn't you know? She is Jeff's gicks - she is off-limits.
by Sparc Michael August 21, 2008
1. A man or boy that looks like a girl.
2. A man or a boy that acts like a girl.
Belen" Bill from Tokio Hotel is such a Gick"
Sarah"Yea i know but he is still cool"
Shyanne"Bill is NOT a Gick because he screams at me in German"
by Sarah 1234567890 January 30, 2009
A gump + trick = gick
If you don't know what a gump is, you are probably a gick
by Agatron November 04, 2011
A self concieded sack of shit, who thinks of none other than himself. Closely related to the Homo Erectus.
Example 1:
Kid-"Can i have some of your drugs? I have no money"

Friend-"Dude you're being a real gick right now"

Example 2:
Friend-"Im going to Johns for a bit"

Kid-"Can I Come?!"

Friend-"I dont think he can have anyone else over, we will meet up after"

Kid-"Ok Im coming!"

sack skid sack of shit
by Slapknockout1993 December 06, 2011

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