Flabby foreskin above the pussy region. Sometimes apperance is celulitic.

Bob: What is that saggy lump hanging over his pants?
Cheryl: oh that is her fat gunt.
by Gicklepotomus February 21, 2003
Noun. An occurrence similar to a Gunt whereby a male's genitalia are concealed by an overhanging gut.
Bob: Whoa. Check that gick out!

Joe: When do you think the last time he's seen his junk?

Bob: Wonder how he pees...
by StylezBitchley December 15, 2007
gick was created in 2003 as a way to describe something disgusting.
person 1:look at that animial! it is pooping!
person 2: gick! i cant watch!


person 1: look at her clothes
person 2: gick... why would someone wear that?
by deva October 04, 2004
Not quite a gut, not quite a dick. A gick. Male version of a gunt.
YOU: Damn, look at that guys gut!!

ME: Thats not a gut.... not quite a dick...... oh my god its a gick.
by sacredheart4eva May 18, 2016
When your gut stretches over your dick, you have a Gick.
Look at that guy with the gick
by Big Johnny De July 10, 2016
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