fatty bulge over the pubic region on a male. see 'gunt' for females
Nick Dindia has to lift his gick to piss.
by RubberD July 15, 2003
A Gay-Dick. Usually a guy friend who you can't imagine ever having sex with.

(or... Guy I Couldn't Kiss.)
"I've known him so long; he's such a gick."
by Amoureux May 23, 2010
it is the word to describe a male who has clearly over indulged in too many mcdonalds, its the non scientific term to describe a man whos midriff and gentials are slowly merging into one. - a bit like "kankle" a knee and an ankle!
peter griffin off family is a "gick"!
by joeysmurf September 16, 2009
where the mans stomach connects with the genital area to form a gick.(gut+dick=Gick)
Yesterday I punched John in his Gick!
by mserrao26 February 23, 2008
Vietnamese Wiggers
I saw a gick on MTV.
by faghdad May 28, 2004
Flabby foreskin above the pussy region. Sometimes apperance is celulitic.

Bob: What is that saggy lump hanging over his pants?
Cheryl: oh that is her fat gunt.
by Gicklepotomus February 21, 2003
The male version of the GUNT excessive stomach blocks the view of your beans and franks.
I couldn't see my prick, my GICK was in the way!
by Old Dirty Danny May 06, 2005

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