1. true blue, fair dinkum, aussie

2. an uneducated australian, usually resides in the western suburbs, is unemployed or works as a labourer. see westie, bogan, yobbo. This insult is mostly used by wogs asians or abos
gibbo: mate i'm gibbo orite
gibson: shut up ya fuckin gibbo
by Gibson October 08, 2003
Top Definition
A gibbo is a (mate)that you have not seen in a long while. Sometimes a long while could be even from one beer to the next one coming.
G'day Gibbo! How are ya? Long time no see!
by Mz Princess July 23, 2005
a lesbian from the south of England
"Come on girls, I'm off out to pull a Gibbo"
by fogy December 02, 2012
Having the tendency to drunkingly purchase golfing related items from eBay, commonly known as "Doing a Gibbo."
"After my second glass of wine, I went todo a bit of window shopping on eBay, I only went and did a Gibbo!"
by Ricky Van Wolfswinkel November 06, 2012
someone who isnt getting any love or action in there love life
a lonly old man - gibbo
by shan_021 May 08, 2005
A gibbo is a ape like creature that can be trained to perform simple tricks and chess moves. However gibbo`s are prone to urinating themselves at the first hint of the endgame
gibbos Bendus(sp.) of the Anus Stygus family
A gibbo is a term used mainly when one is out in the Australian outback and it occurs when the given individual suffers an unfortunate filleting with a stake from over eager locals.
''Thats a nasty looking gibbo mate''
by Sweet Cheeks Kenna August 04, 2008
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