another word for the white/pinkish fluoresent freckled face peoples AKA the devil AKA cauasians especially in australia where the gibbos are descended from convicts and now called "aussies".Other names include skippy,bogan,peckerwood,honky etc usually evil and quite pussy and cowardly race the world over since the dawn of time. Will eventually be anhilated by COLOURED people.Basically a disease that will be eradicated one way or the other!
gibbo: dammm where's she from
ethnic person: not sure but she definately aint a GIBBO!
by Mahatma Ganja May 09, 2006
In the world of journalism, a Gibbo is a scribe who inadvertently writes for future generations.

A Gibbo is basically a McGonagall of the prose form. Like the Great Tragedian Of Dundee, a Gibbo will elicit inordinate amounts of laughs and opprobrium in equal measure. From his future generations of readers who haven't been born yet.
Trevor McDonald's went a bit Gibbo lately.
by Fat Roland September 06, 2009
To elude capture by sheer luck for a large period of time, usually for inappropriate sexual conduct.
I've been gibboing for six months now.
by Reuben Wu May 31, 2006
1.Used to descrive a state a person is in, generally, peeing on the floor and rolling in faeces.
Example one: 'Quick, he'd fallen into a state of Gibbo! Call an ambulence!"

Example two: 'Man, I suffered the biggest Gibbo last night.'
by spoinkage January 14, 2009
a round headed child with no sexual action and would like to attract small children for example, james best. also james best likes men in his ass
wow, im glad im not gibbo
by gibboisgay March 24, 2011
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