the act of being really high; because you basically just float around and feel like a ghost (sometimes even see like a ghost if you got the good stuff)
1. "Hey man what you doin?"
"I'm ghost right now"

2. "Hey bro, wanna ghost?"
by scsanadi April 14, 2009
the smoke that is exhaled from narcotics; mostly for enormous hits or drags that can form a great quantity of smoke . Usually used for weed.
I fuckin' ghosted that shit.
by Britkillah November 21, 2007
Allowing da-herb smoke to pour out of you mouth in the shape of a ghost, and then inhaling it all back in.
Shitttt son, that ghost sent me flying...
by gooch&lads May 01, 2011
Someone so white you can actually see through their limbs or face.
"Holy ghost!"
by deadLUNG September 23, 2008
the term ghost is really just to scare you.
the term really means to be excact is a nigger or african american in the dark. they mostly scare you so you will run and they can steal your stuff.
that ghost just stole my t.v. last night after he scerred me.
by dilbaid11 April 27, 2009
a dump that requires little to no wiping.
"did you use much tp?"
"naw, man, it was a ghost!"
by Matt Sotheran December 13, 2006
Ghosts typically haunt older places or graveyards or homes that an untimely death has occurred in. While spirits know they are dead, there are spirits on Earth. Ghosts are unaware of the fact they are dead and acutally can harm you. Ghosts are easily captured on camera and on rare occasions can be seen with the naked eye. Ghosts also talk and on rare occasions you can hear them with your naked ears, but many times you need a tape recorder (or digital recorder) to hear them talking. Ghosts' personalities range. Some of them are vengeful and those are the ones to watch out for. Hauntings can get severe enough to posess an entire home. Those're my facts.
The Amityville Haunting is one of the most famous haunting hoaxes known to man. This involved the grisly murder of the DeFeo family. Pictures have been proven to show there are ghosts in the house.
by Mr. Squakity November 14, 2004

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