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When you take a shit that you think is huge, but you stand up and the poop is gone.
"Man I was crapping for a good 20 mintues, but when I stood up, I ghosted it and the bowl was clean!" How does that happen?!?!?!?
#shit #poop #toilet #ghosting #crap
by ihateghosts April 01, 2009
1. When everyone in the clubhouse is getting along (i.e. there is no Barry Bonds, Jeff Kent, and T.O. has not decided to play baseball). The power of friendship and positive thinking will overcome.

2. The only thing that is perhaps more overrated than Tim Burton.
Reggie Jackson -- the biggest clubhouse cancer of his generation -- won five rings in seven years. Who needs baseball chemistry when you have star power?
#baseball #friends #barry bonds #t.o. #ghosted it
by ihateghosts April 08, 2009
The worst f'ing day of the month at MSA because it is crazy busy. Every single one of your nets wants their reports and you have to check several hundred sheets of paper, all because the company refuses to go paperless and thereby save time and money.
I hate report day!
#reports #paper #work #sucks #crazy
by ihateghosts April 17, 2009
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