A corruption and/or diminution of the phrase "G-spot Host", which is a person who sponsors an orgy, usually at their home.
Sally is the ghost for tonight's get-together. Are you going to go straight or French?
by The Grottomaster April 29, 2011
a word meaning your leaving. similar to "outta here".
yo dawg im about to be ghost
by mikeandhislargemaddawg May 02, 2011
1. A sleep deprived, overworked college student who appears pale and walks around without expression.

2. Adjective describing someone who has left or in the process of leaving.
OS turned Falken into a ghost.

I'm ghost.
by FALKEN October 16, 2004
To get super baked and pass out on a nearby couch/bed. Sometimes the "ghosted" individual will fall aslep sitting up, maybe even with a bag of cheetos/little debbie treats all over him.
Bro, bucknasty Brennen took 5 bong hits that fucking jew and now he's getting planted on couch about to ghost!
by crafty calvin July 25, 2010
A black person. Due to their self proclaimed "natural camouflage" things tend to float or drive themselves, also noises just seem to be made out of nowhere.
That car is driving itself! Must be a ghost.
by Abe Lincoln the Great November 23, 2009
1. 1 up of beast
2. To do something ninja or beast like
3. Pro
1. *playing video games* OH DAMN, that guy totally ghosted me
2. That was ghost

3. He's ghosty
by Jeffrey Monroe November 16, 2009
a person who has died not from natural cuases and has not accepted death so they ponder the earth.they are possible to see if you have that ability to.
person1=DUDE what was that!!!!!
person2=i dont knowbut it was a shadow across that hallway.
person1=ohh it was probably a ghost
by Cornholiox5 July 01, 2009

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