a soul,a spirit,but mostly Danny Phantom!!!!!!!!!!
i saw ghosts the other day.
danny phantom is just so cute.
by Cassidt Thirtin November 28, 2006
whatever, insignificant, doesn't matter, i dont care
"some kid died....ghost ghost"

"i dont even ghost"

"thats mad ghost"

"yeah..ghost i guess"

"its just like ghost, you know?"

"thats quite ghost"
by R.Gauche October 26, 2006
They're demons or evil spirits (supernatural beings),not deceased human beings.
Just a heads up there to anyone who thinks they're dead human ghosts.
by life is disturbing September 11, 2005
Ghost- is a complete idiot, the very meaning of stupidity
Ghost is a fag
Ghost likes to take up the ass
by Funto August 08, 2004
A term meaning you're leaving. Similar to "outta here."
I don't like those people you invited over so I'm ghost.
by Nathan Tiberius July 02, 2007

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