Alternate spelling of the word "gay". Ghey does not refer to a person or situation in a sexual way, it meerly states a distaste for a certain situation or person.
Frank "I lost my phone today"
Brad "Oh, that is so ghey"

Collene "Last night's homework was so tough I cant believe Mrs. Connors expected us to get it all done in one night!"
Jessica "I know. How ghey was that?"
by RBizzle2688 October 06, 2009
GAY: homosexual and quite offensive to gays when typed or written out this way.
GHEY: another term used for "stupid" or "lame." it isn't spelled the same way as the first one, therefore it's a homonym.
"Did you see that kid try to juggle? He looked so ghey up there, dude."

"Will you go out with me?"
"NO WAY! You're ghey!"
by k.d. January 18, 2007
saying something is not appealing in a non-homosexual way
pronounced as 'ga-hey'
"he stole my girlfriend"
"oh that's ghey"
by lol in my head August 07, 2008
ghey; it means more gay than gay (not the homosexual kind, the lame kind).
Dana: You're gay.
Melanie: You're g-h-e-y ghey.
Dana: *cries and trips over rock on floor and falls on face and the rats attack her, then the pigeons attack her and cries some more*
by TEE ALMiGHTY December 06, 2004
To use excessive idiocy; moron.
Not the same as the meaning 'gay' for a homosexual.
Tarina: I can't spell my name right anymore!
Tori: Dude, you're so ghey. Geebus.

You're a ghey n00b-cake.
by Treechicken March 04, 2007

A slang word used to describe somthing that is not functioning properly or somthing that is shit , it is not how ever a derogitry term for homosexuals , as it is pronouced differently , but the people who submited a sound bite of it cant say it .
Msn is so ghey , it keeps disconecting

I hate maths! its so ghey

In the snow , my penis , it fall off , I felt so ghey that day .
by Joseph March 14, 2005
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