A higher, more flamer-esqe version of gay people. It is when a series of men, usually 3, enter a mindset together where they want to have intense fetish buttsex or take part in another form of homosexual intercourse.
"Hey Dale...want to call Jim and be ghey?"

"Steve, did you hear that Jim, Dale, and Mike were being ghey?!"
by DaRansom April 24, 2010
lame and disappointing
A: My girlfriend dumped me.
B: Dude, that's so ghey!
by vampirkiss27 and the s-phones January 12, 2010
used to describe something that is really lame and annoying. This word absolutely nothing to do with the word "gay" or with homoexuals.
"that's so ghey"
by Fly for a Rabbi(t) December 17, 2009
a word meaning gay but in a whiney loud voice.
Your so gheeyyyyyy. Greg and Chris are being so ghey.
by gheyyy69 December 29, 2009
Unknown to some, the slang word "Ghey" does not refer to being homosexual. In fact, it refers to being lame or uncool.
Gay = Homosexual
Ghey = Un1337
Tahnok = ghey
by Snoogma February 18, 2005
ghey is a synonym for shitty. unlike the word gay.
that haircut is so ghey
by rodreguez July 10, 2008
A spelling for the word gay. But this is so one is able to dicern between ghey as in this is pointless, lame, boring, etc. But does not mean homosexual in orientation.
Jon: "Man, this test is ghey!"
Dave: "Dude, this CLASS is ghey."
by Er-Bear May 06, 2007

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