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2 definitions by nastyhobbit

Alternate usage of lol or lollers for those with more internet experience. For extra impact, 'Mc' has been added as a rofl precursor for random McDonalds reference to further add to the confusion (thus more snap factor)
Jon: Hey you know how Alt F4 brings up that admin panel?
Noob1 has quit();
Noob2 has quit();
Noob3 has quit();
Noob4 has quit();
Noob5 has quit();
Jon: lollers mcrofl
by nastyhobbit February 24, 2008
When something is more ghey than gay it's to do with a feeling of disappointment in the face of what was thought could be a plausable and positive outcome.
Gay is lesbians eating each other. Ghey is when they don't let you watch
by nastyhobbit September 20, 2007