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good half
by shock March 23, 2003
Abbreviation for the term "guaranteed head", which is in reference to actions taken by a man for a woman to guarantee that she will in return give the man oral pleasure.
Sam: "Dude I took Molly to that fancy italian restaurant."
Roman: "Dude, that is so GH!"
Sam: "Of course dude. She sucked me off right there in the parking lot after dinner."
#head #blowjob #expected #suck #oral
by Sam Snoogans July 24, 2006
the video game Guitar Hero
"Hey, what're you up to?"
"Just playin' some gh."
#guitar #hero #guitarhero #video #game
by kamo. March 03, 2007
gh-geekin hard. another way to say haha or lol. When something geeks you out.
Jason - "Damn son, I need to stop talking to busted chicks"
Will - "gh you do forreal"
#lol #haha #funny #geekin #geek
by FranKieT April 03, 2013
after playin a round or a in soccer u swap sides, u say GH meaning good half
score is 8-4 GH swap teams in CS
next round starts
by Ash ' September 04, 2003
It means good hunting, mostly used in World of Tanks
GH to all - it means good hunting everybody
#good hunting #wot #world of tanks #gh #get high
by Rajko Nurej February 01, 2014
Go Hard or Go Home = G H * G H = GH^2
Go Hard or Go Home = gh^2

When you go out and party you are leaving it all out there. If you are holding anything back, go home.
#yolo #ham #rachet #hard #rage
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