bad or negative descriptor. used to describe something one does not like or thinks is bad.
dude, your shoes are ghey
by the squzzard September 23, 2009
A term that can be used to describe an individual or event that can also be considered as being a "lamo".
Joseph Majewski is ghey.
by TercelLJ March 22, 2008
When something annoys you without being a bummer. Like if I call my computer gay I don't mean it bums my modem.
"Chris was gay. But this computer is ghey."
by Why the fuck should I tell you? August 29, 2004
Non-offensive version of the word gay. Same pronounciation and also used in replacement of. Meaning stupid.
Dude, your parents are so ghey.
by bythebrink February 27, 2005
When something is more ghey than gay it's to do with a feeling of disappointment in the face of what was thought could be a plausable and positive outcome.
Gay is lesbians eating each other. Ghey is when they don't let you watch
by nastyhobbit September 20, 2007
A slang term often used on the internet which comes from the word 'gay'. Invented by Jason Woolard.
You are so ghey dude.
by Jason Woolard November 11, 2008 you spell gay when some one says that you shouldn't say gay because its rude
kid''oh man thats sooo ghey''
adult ''you should say stupid instead, gay could insult someone''
kid'' no non no, its gay as in G H E Y''
by audrey berg March 16, 2008

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