a puritanical way of saying gay.
"dude, do u think that guys ghey?"
"Hells yea, I would love to get him in my sack. Hey, I bet your dad would join in on that 3 way."
by drew March 18, 2005
A term used by people whom are 'gay' but dont want to admit it.
Bob: Timbo come out already!
Timbo: Nah man! I not 'Ghey"
Bob: Who said you were gay?
by Mr Bigglesworth May 17, 2006
Used as an insult to straight people from an actual gay person
Kim is so ghey and not in the good way.
by Asphincter January 25, 2005
used to describe someone who is extremely lame or boring. Not to be confused with "Gay" which describes a homosexual.
Brett: hey lets go pick up some chicks
Gary: Nah dude... I'd rather stay home and check my myspace
Brett: Stop being a ghey and let's go!
by Priscilla R. October 28, 2007
Derived from teh latent and overly used term from the late 1990's "gay" Referring not to ones actual sexual preference or lack there of. But rather to pin point on the subject(s) at hand's superior levels of fail or lame.
Guy 1: Dude, guy on 4chan just totally flamed some camwhore
Guy 2: That is soooo ghey! And then they wonder why no hot girls wanna cam with them.
Guy 1: srsly. super ghey
by Teh Andeh May 07, 2007
Not homosexual, but silly or exceedingly stupid.
Also: lame
Dewd your pnats are so ghey they give me gas.
by f33dback January 25, 2005
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