A horribly run "city" where Jews were kept during World War II before being sent off to concentration/death camps. People who say they live in a "ghetto" don't know what the real things are like, they just think they are cool.
Guy 1: I'm so ghetto!
Guy 2: Go die *shoots*
by Superbeast May 29, 2006
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Present : Ghetto - doing something so cheap

everyone usually lived doing this word, man if you havent your one rich ass bitch.
MY favorites or common riding a kart to get to places using bags as shoes or slippers, cant think of things i seen or did right now whatever you get the point but damnt the kart its fun downhill im telling you use pillows for protection

Example : damn! thats hella ghetto using newspaper to wrap christmas gifts we aint the dallar store!

its usefull doing these though seriously it does work, but its some wack ass decoration who gives a fuck its wrapped right?
by NIGGA OH August 04, 2007
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"Zetto" was the name of the quartier of the east europe jews (the venetian native jews can live where they wished)and means nothing, just a name for a place.
The east europe jews cannot spell the letter "z" and calling it "ghetto".

1400: Yankele:"I am an jew immigrant from Polland , can I rent a house here?"
Bepin: "no, you must go in the zetto : third channel on the right."
Bepi"Zetto, Zetto, the third channel on the right and youll'find the quartier. Then ask to the rabbis"
Yankele" Shit ! I cannot spell this..ketto, ghetto..ach!"
by Affuso October 15, 2006
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A place where Jews of the middle ages were forced to lived within confinded spaces where heavy taxes were enforced and harsh conditions and persectution forced them to move from place to place.

Nowadays its where a large group of inidividuals live, whether through race, religion or thoughts, and therein is the ghetto

Also can be a terminology for 'Old school'
Hey Shloime, get out of the ghetto and see the world

If you aint from the ghetto, dont come to the fuckin ghetto

Shit bro ur top is so ghetto

by dusttt October 15, 2006
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Did you see those new Indiana liscence plates? Damn they ghetto!
by Sedi May 31, 2003
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using old things in new ways
using a broken hockey stick as a trash sweeper when your a janitor. spelling alright aiite. spelling of uv
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
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A smaller, powerless, and neglected area of a city. Usually made up of African-Americans.
Lilliana was from uptown.
Laura was from downtown.
Mary Jane was from the country.
And J-Dawg was from the ghetto.
by A Disenchanted Tampon November 02, 2009
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