Another word for the "slums". It is used generally in references to a dangerous place.
John: Where are you goin this weekend?
James: I'm off to the ghetto to smoke cones.
John: Oh, just dont get stabbed
by squeek little bitch April 05, 2006
a name for a poor meet up place
wot up bro meet me at da ghetto in 5
by ghettogangsta2 June 23, 2005
When a TV show tries to copy another TV show and nobody watches it because the original TV show was already amazing to begin with.
When "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" copied the original "Once Upon a Time" and everybody agreed that the original "Once Upon a Time" was the best show ever and that "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" sucked. "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" was being really Ghetto.
by Autumn Montgomery November 24, 2013
Don't mind embracing your race without apology of not having as much as others. Standing proud with no shame of relatives and ability to appreciate people for who they are without judgement or trying to act like someone you are not.
1. "Ghetto" If the only way I can see a new movie is buying a bootleg movie 3 for $10 from the local crack head my neighborhood and showing others with pride of the bargain you just made.

2. Inviting everybody to your place for a cookout and you have dug a hole in the yard for a big crab pot with crabs, neckbones, corn, sausage, eggs and shrimp then you ghetto.
by MsKeepitReal May 07, 2013
A historic apartment building located on the east bank of the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis. This buliding was officially completed on January 19th, 1893. It is inhabited mostly by the talented student athletes of the University, along with a few random exceptions. It is the home to not only people, but also a plethora of animals, insects, and raging parties. It is known to be haunted and infectious with the black plague.
"is that a squirrel?"
"Is this the ghetto?"
"is this porch connected to the building?"
by theblackdeath January 06, 2013
Code for black
That ghetto person is so loud
by LilHoBAG April 22, 2011
1) Everything is Ghetto.
2) Nothing can exist without being Ghetto.
3) This is Ghetto and you are Ghetto, Always!
Dude, you are so Ghetto!
by opsoyo January 14, 2011

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