Sara Lucas's house.
bro 1 - "Woah, check out that house, it's so ghetto bro"
bro 2 - "Yeah that's Sara Lucas's house, it's so ghetto".
by Marypoppinsbitch. January 09, 2012
somethin that suburban white kids think all black ppl are. they also confuse it with gangsta all the time.
Diyon: ayyo my nigga dwayne lets go shoot hoops man

Garrett the white kid: holy moly! hes so ghetto!
by billups1 July 04, 2011
someone who's behavior (usually in reference to African-Americans) is obnoxious and uncivilized
People that act ghetto makes it hard for others to move ahead in life.
by Gerard Irick August 19, 2010
A smaller, powerless, and neglected area of a city. Usually made up of African-Americans.
Lilliana was from uptown.
Laura was from downtown.
Mary Jane was from the country.
And J-Dawg was from the ghetto.
by A Disenchanted Tampon November 02, 2009
the city. the thug life.

the bronx
Ghetto - "ima getta new paira jordanz, iight?"
Non Ghetto- "I am going to get a new pair of Jordans, alright?"
by jayquansGURRRLx21 June 27, 2009
ok lemme qive yu da defination of :

ghetto: a lifestyle influenced by mostly musiq,clothinq,people,etc ; bad ass motherfucker ; trashy shit ;people label this as beinq black it's not about being blk....blk people were the first ones to be qhetto but itz not bout being just blk...everyone shuld be who they fuckin' want to be..ok if a hispanic person wanna be qhetto cuz they think their culture is wack & think that beinq qhetto isx better to them then i think it'sz there choice.COlOR doesn't mean anything .Wats the difference ? i mean if a blk person want act like their proper...then that's they want to be ! . color shouldn't stop you from being yourself.pleaze dont qive me that excuse that beinq proper is better then beinq qhetto.qhetto iz not bout beinq'z just the way you tired of people saying you have to be blk or hispanic to be qhetto.damn qet a life or something instead of judqinq ; only god can judqe me ; disagree wit me if you want i dont give a f*** .
im a hispanic dat luk "white" but im labeled as "qhetto" cuz of the way i talk and act and not tryna be'sz just a lifestyle im livinqq cuz i live around da be honest ; i dont label myself as anything.i know im not qhetto,preppy,qanqsta,emo,goth, ME .
by diZ iZ lanii =] May 10, 2009
Compton, California
Damn it was hard gangbangin in the ghetto of Compton today, got to feed the family though.
by Sly Angel August 13, 2006

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