A hobknocker, inappropriate pupil who constantly swears and wears little to no clothing or wears hoodies and sweatpants so they are ready to go rob somewhere.
The ghetto chick threw on her skin tight shirt and skinny jeans and headed out to meet a guy to make a fetus.
by Dictator12455582828 January 24, 2016
People in the state of ghettoness, which is being ghetto.
Those people at that "squad" table are so ghetto. Omg look at those ghettoes!
by amazing27 May 03, 2015
Don't mind embracing your race without apology of not having as much as others. Standing proud with no shame of relatives and ability to appreciate people for who they are without judgement or trying to act like someone you are not.
1. "Ghetto" If the only way I can see a new movie is buying a bootleg movie 3 for $10 from the local crack head my neighborhood and showing others with pride of the bargain you just made.

2. Inviting everybody to your place for a cookout and you have dug a hole in the yard for a big crab pot with crabs, neckbones, corn, sausage, eggs and shrimp then you ghetto.
by MsKeepitReal May 07, 2013
a place where big self centered mother fuckers live. who all go homosexual when you step on their stale bobo shoes. and curse in every sentence. Says markers like markcairss. Animals who Inhabit aint speak non English.
white guy: hay that guy just went all homosexual on me when i stepped on his shitty shoes.

black guy: he must be ghetto
by The coolest kid ever12345 January 27, 2011
1) Everything is Ghetto.
2) Nothing can exist without being Ghetto.
3) This is Ghetto and you are Ghetto, Always!
Dude, you are so Ghetto!
by opsoyo January 14, 2011
The main excuse why white boys dont like black girls.
Black Girl~"OOOO he is soooo fine"
White friend~"I'll tell him!!"
*Ten minutes later*
White friend~"He said no"
Black girl~"Why not"
White girl~"No offence....he said your too...loud"
Black girl(inner voice)~ya sure....you know he said GHETTO not loud
by Sexlus2 November 26, 2010
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