A type of act or location that is usually pointed towards poverty & crime. The location term of Ghetto usually means a loaction known for having poverty & crime, and is usually home to Hispanics and African Americans. The act term of Ghetto is usally when someone does something in a way that makes them look like their from the Ghetto.
"You dont want to go in the Ghetto at night unless you want to come out with your body full of bullets"

"Nigga that stuff is Ghetto!"

"Yo Koolaid got so much sugar in it, that it's Ghetto"
by Ghetto Knowledge™ July 11, 2007
"Zetto" was the name of the quartier of the east europe jews (the venetian native jews can live where they wished)and means nothing, just a name for a place.
The east europe jews cannot spell the letter "z" and calling it "ghetto".

1400: Yankele:"I am an jew immigrant from Polland , can I rent a house here?"
Bepin: "no, you must go in the zetto : third channel on the right."
Bepi"Zetto, Zetto, the third channel on the right and youll'find the quartier. Then ask to the rabbis"
Yankele" Shit ! I cannot spell this..ketto, ghetto..ach!"
by Affuso October 15, 2006
someone something thats poor or in bad condition hood
"man that b-ball is fuckin ghetto" "you still livin in the ghetto"
by big-b December 23, 2005
Anything that would not look out of place in world war 2 Warsaw
This train is utterly ghetto
But your house is utterly ghetto
If I wanted something this ghetto, I'd be in Poland
This is more ghetto than the walled areas in World War II Poland
by Matthew Garrett October 20, 2005
black wannabe; wiger
"Hey, look at them ghetto kids".
by sballchik October 03, 2005
1) A word that rich kids use to describe anything that's been marketed to them as out of the inner-city (clothing, cars, music)

2) A word used by rich kids to make themselves seem more hardened to the realities of life.
1. Yo, my new $100 jeans are so ghetto.

2. I'm straight outa the ghetto. My house is so ghetto (as the person points to a large, detached house with a healthy green lawn and flower beds)
by B_k June 16, 2005
anyone who follows the example of the one and only chima.

must say quad, say everything is racist, have people pity the fact you are black, and point out jews.
chima, the epitome of ghetto
by lolwootwoot43210 February 05, 2011

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