A term used by bitchy rich white girls that get a small rip in their clothes.
Dumb Bitch-
OH MY GOD!,you got a ugly(small) hole in your shirt!
Other Dumb Bitch-
Hehehe, now I look sooo ghetto.
by A Duke City Playa October 29, 2008
Ghetto can be many different things from where a person 1) lives to the way they 2) talk, 3) walk, or 4) do things...

1- A place that people have real low income.

2- (talk) "A yo she shakin it lik a salt shaker" translation: (movin her botty up n down so fast lik when u shake salt).

3- (Walk) Any walk that don't look lik u gots a stick up ya butt.

4- Buy doing things that a rich person would never do (this does not include people who were poor and became rich.. only people that were born and raised that way..
1: you can't make an example of a ghetto home cause they all different, but here's an idea...u walk in a home and they T.V. stand is a chair, or box..ect.

2: look at tha definition above.

3: walkin wit a limp or walkin wit a sway.

4: (Girl) A yo.
(boy) what.
(girl) Why u drinkin ya soda out the pot, u ain't washed ya cups.
by L's November 02, 2007
Acting or looking like typical denizens of poor, black, urban neighborhoods. Often used by well-bred black folks to describe ethnic-group members who behave obnoxiously, don garish attire, or sport badly coiffed hair.
"Marie, would you just listen to those loud-talking Negroes over there! They're so ghetto!"
by hootnannie October 22, 2009
1.A synonym to cool. Ghetto can be used to describe anything good. Originated from wannabe gangsters, and now used more diversely.
1.Juan, your shoes are so ghetto.

2.Alex: Did you meet Alberto?
Carl: Yeah, he's pretty ghetto.
by Fabio Italiano September 19, 2009
when you're bored on a Friday night and decide to make a Twister board since you don't own it.
This Twister board is so ghetto!
by Kels Jacobsen May 30, 2008
Present : Ghetto - doing something so cheap

everyone usually lived doing this word, man if you havent your one rich ass bitch.
MY favorites or common riding a kart to get to places using bags as shoes or slippers, cant think of things i seen or did right now whatever you get the point but damnt the kart its fun downhill im telling you use pillows for protection

Example : damn! thats hella ghetto using newspaper to wrap christmas gifts we aint the dallar store!

its usefull doing these though seriously it does work, but its some wack ass decoration who gives a fuck its wrapped right?
by NIGGA OH August 04, 2007
1. a place where people are barely getting by in life.
2. a term used for something not on the same status as you.
3. a term used for a rundown object
1. I feel sorry for that guy, he lives in the ghetto.
2. " Oh my god that outfit is ghetto"
3. That binder is ghetto.
by Katerina Stevens May 14, 2006

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