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An affluent member of the African American community who has a respectable position in society without rapping or playing professional sports. IE Lawyer, Doctor, CPA. Typically drives a luxury automobile and is philanthropic.
She pay her own bills but ain't got no chil'ren.
She'd be proud to chat with Oprah 'bout the lifestyle she be livin'.

You can keep yo' babyphat, she be ballin' up in gucci.
She speak proper English but she still rock that booty.

ghetta ghetta ghetta girl.
by SS Sausage Factory June 09, 2009
1) The female version of Ghetto, with a more awesome and playful tone.

2) A way to describe someone inexplicably fine, usually with a big donk.
Man, that girl is awesome, she's be ghetta.

DAMN look at her! She straight up GHETTA!

That girl is the finest specimen of ghetta I eva seen. Look at that face! And that donk!
by Bemben February 20, 2011
Being beyond ghetto.
Those niggas are from the ghetta
by TheBoneDaddy April 03, 2011

1. A word used to describe a person with no life.

2. The less ghetto version of ghetto.

3. Used in a horrible pun.
by HELLTOTHENAW November 18, 2010
1)that shirt is ghetta.
2)you are ghetta hot.
by lilaznbiotch June 19, 2003
sophisticated, cool, lady
"She's ghetta"
by reina April 06, 2004
1)a childish made-up word
20a childish made-up word
Ghetta is a childish made-up word
by internet teacher June 21, 2003

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