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1) The female version of Ghetto, with a more awesome and playful tone.

2) A way to describe someone inexplicably fine, usually with a big donk.
Man, that girl is awesome, she's be ghetta.

DAMN look at her! She straight up GHETTA!

That girl is the finest specimen of ghetta I eva seen. Look at that face! And that donk!
by Bemben February 20, 2011
A situation for which there seems no immediate solution, that may cause confusion and alarm, but also has provocative undertones.
Guy1: Linda and Amy are trapped in the shower together, and we can't figure out how to open the door.

Guy2: Wow, that's a real fidanzel.

Husband: It seems I'm handcuffed to the bed, dear.

Wife: Oh no, how ever will you get out of this fidanzel?
by Bemben September 26, 2011

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