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Destination point, usually a container with small objects and/or toys, for a GPS based orienteering sport/hobby called "Geocaching" after the web site of the same name. Participants hide containers (or sometimes objects, clues, or virtual objects) and publish GPS coordinates and hints on the Gecaching web site. Others seek the geocache as a form of recreation and may exchange items for those in the geocache, as well as reporting (online) the success or failure of their search.
When we travel to another city, we often will bring a GPS unit and search out a local geocache as a way of becoming more familiar with the area.
by Mark Luscher June 03, 2005
using multi billion dollar military defense satellites to find tupperware in the woods
high tech treasure hunt made possible by extensive military spending and minimal spending on the players part... they build a satellite and launch it in to space, i buy a piece of plastic from walmart and make it a geocache by just hiding it
by gaching master November 14, 2008
Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) is like a high-tech scavenger hunt, made possible by Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Internet. Originally developed by the U.S. Department of Defense for military applications, GPS technology has been free and available since the mid-1980s. Although many people use GPS receivers to aid in navagaition, the systems also have recreational uses, such as recording locations of caves, hiking trails, and favorite fishing spots. TEXT USED BY HOOAH! CATALOGE FROM NATIONAL GUARD.
I found my first Geocache yesterday.
by National Guard April 07, 2008
Activity or hobby (NOT a sport) popular among dorks, knobs and dweebs. Generally consists of hobbit-like nerds hiding and/or burying little cases that their kin seek out. Other activities popular among this group are dungeons and dragons, hanging out in the basement, and for a morbid few, tragicache.
This powertool I work with won't shut up about his weekend geocache.
by Pale Rider May 03, 2007
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