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An assignment designed to fail you in physics. Includes hard questions, mind-boggling equations, obscure facts, and finding an invisible ship, the Pierre Gulliumet. If your teacher ever assigns one of these, it's time to break into hysterics.
"I don't know how to do this scavenger hunt. wth is a Schrodinger Cat?!?!"
by a physics student June 05, 2006
A state of mind in which 2 or more individuals discuss random happenings that are irrelevant and have no importance to anything. It makes no logcal sense. It lasts anywhere between half an hour to the record being one-twelfth of a whole day.
Guy A: Man, did u see that guy, Jake, with the orange kumquat yesterday?
Guy B: No, dude i was talking about frogger!
Guy A: Dude, we are so in a scavenger hunt!
by Marph1255 July 17, 2009