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A great game where people hide boxes (or caches) of goodies all over thw world and register the geographic coordinates on Using a GPS unit, users are then able to go hunting for these boxes and record in the journal, take or leave items for others, and/or transfer a Travel Bug to another location.
The coordinates are off! Those retarded geocaching buttholes...
by TimUSCA September 28, 2003
An excuse to go outside and travel, combined with the fun of a hunt, and the sociability that results from meeting other Geocachers. Given a bad name by people who don't think out their placements -- a good cache should have both permission from the land owner and a reason for being there besides the cache itself.
Geocaching is pretty feckin' awesome if you do it right.
by crtrue March 21, 2007
Geocaching is the use of virtual technology to find drunken homeless men lurking in arboretums. Or random dollar store crap. If you take the man home, you have to leave something of equal size behind.
I paid 200 bucks for this GPS and I can't go geocaching there cause the homeless man is drinking Listerine there.
by wonnder1 May 20, 2012
a way to use multibilion system for finding plastic boxes in the forest
What do you mean, no signal? Screw whole geocaching, let's go home.
by MarvGuy March 29, 2010
Geocaching is a sport that is perfect for nerds. The participants can use their computers and high-tech Global Positioning System devices to hunt down and dig up objects that have little or no intrinsic value. Think if it as an Easter egg hunt for adults who have not yet grown up. Peter Pan prancer-types, mostly.
Seth, I just found the geocaching find of the Millennium! It contained THE FROG. You know about THE FROG, don't you Seth?
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010
Letterboxing for pussies.
While letterboxers use compass directions, follow and decipher clues that lead to carefully hidden letterboxes. Those who participate in geocaching just follow GPS coordinates. Bitches.
by thezneak505 December 27, 2008
A sport in which the participants
1) Loiter suspiciously in public places that lack adequate security
2) Hide an unknown package in a high-traffic area
3) Brag about it at
4) Dare others to go find and open the package.
"Sorry I missed the wedding, but I did rack up 10 more geocaching finds!"
by timecube June 15, 2004
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