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a surprise, specifically a dirty diaper, found and consequently devoured by your dog whilst on walkies in the park.
We were walking the dogs in the park the other day. When we turned around for a minute they had a Treasure Hunt. That was so damn nasty I almost chuckked, but they scored bonus points for diarrhea.
by upchuckk April 03, 2008
Treasure hunting is where you are having sex in the dark, It's pitch black, you can't see your partner, so you rub your dick around her body looking for her vagina like a pirate hunting for booty. For further pleasure, execute an Angry Pirate after you find and dig for the treasure.
Blah, Blah Blah, Treasure Hunt, Yada, Yada, Yada. The End.
by apesex March 01, 2007
to go hunting for good looking males or females, sometimes the "treasure" can be known to you, and other times you could be looking for some fresh meat.
girl 1: there is no good eye candy here
girl 2: yeah i no lets go on a 'Treasure Hunt'
by Mad Face May 08, 2007
A search, generally performed whilst drunk in a nightclub, to purchase drugs from strangers.
I'll meet you back here, I'm going on a treasure hunt
by Jason Automatic November 25, 2007
stupid bastard tv programme devised by spotty little oinks at bbc headquarters who care about old people and spend their free time recycling their sandals and sitting holding greanpeace flags.
Once the bastard nerd at the BBC has a ounce of power he comes up with the clever idea of putting 50 minutes of old peoples tv on in a primetime slot that was previously for the simpsons. BASTARDS!
by pissed off uncle mellon balls April 14, 2003
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