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A great game where people hide boxes (or caches) of goodies all over thw world and register the geographic coordinates on www.geocaching.com. Using a GPS unit, users are then able to go hunting for these boxes and record in the journal, take or leave items for others, and/or transfer a Travel Bug to another location.
The coordinates are off! Those retarded geocaching buttholes...
by TimUSCA September 28, 2003
I unique serial number attached to some sort of trinket used in Geocaching. It is transfered from cache to cache by users and recorded on www.geocaching.com so that it can be traced around the world.
Wow, this Travel Bug came all the way from Hawaii!
by TimUSCA September 28, 2003
I high caffeine drink with a blue bottle that looks like a dildo.
Grab your Bawls and run!
by TimUSCA September 19, 2003
The coolest guy around... plays drums and loves his Macintosh. W00t!
Look at Big Bass Drummer! He is sooooo HAWT!
by TimUSCA September 19, 2003
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