In the African American urban venacular a geek refers to any and all behavior common among drug abusers. This behavior can be as subtle as buggy eyes that blink rapidly to more overt forms of withdrawal behavior such as selling expensive items for small amounts of money in order to satisfy the craving for more drugs. This term has in the midwest region of the U.S. been largely used to describe crack addict like behavior
I saw a man yesterday geekin' who offered to sell me a mountain bike for 10 dollars.
#fiend #crack #the shakes #crackhead #withdrawal
by r3dkat April 20, 2009
A geek is someone of high intelligence, which usually makes them outcasts of mainstream society. Although they share many traits with the nerd (lack of social skills, usually wears glasses, normally seen on the computer etc.) the main difference is IQ. Nerds are normally of average or above average intelligence, while geeks are often significantly smarter. Geeks also have more mainstream interests i.e physics, maths, chemistry

Geeks are sometimes described as nerds with less social skills, although in some places this is the opposite way round.
Bill Gates is a geek. Geeks rule the world. Don't tread on them.
#nerd #dork #computer #iq #intelligence #society
by Too Much Time to Waste October 29, 2007
a guy who gets mad when he gets B's because he is a geek like that

he spends his time watching the science channel and enjoys it
Manjeet is such a geek that he reads quantam physics for fun and understands it.
#manjeet #geek #quantam #physics #guy
by lalalalalaallaala July 16, 2006
A person who's skin hasn't seen light since the day he was born because the computer is his only means of life.
"hey dudes, I just got Modern Warfare, now I can own all you. Don't forget to watch my vids at"
#geek #dudes #computer #getsome #own
by RoflesthePirate July 11, 2009
someone who finds doctor who thier way of life
hi i'm chloe and im turning my room into the inside of a tardis making me a super geek
#geek #nerd #chloe #tardis #doctor who
by dobby verbrugge June 15, 2008
1. a peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, esp. one who is perceived to be overly intellectual.
2. a computer expert or enthusiast (a term of pride as self-reference, but often considered offensive when used by outsiders.)
3. anyone who plays warhammer or other non-Risk strategy games.
Wow, is Ramzi Qattan playing Warhammer again? What a geek. And a noob. What a geeky noob.
#nerd #dork #warhammer #computers #ramzi
by Shitbastard January 15, 2008
One that has extensive knowledge in all areas and is able to explain himself quit well about information in the world that is important. Geeks actually have a college degree because you can’t spell geek without EE. While a nerd is one that continues on at the community college trying to work at “Game Stop” because they think its cool that they can live at home and play magic any time they want. Nerds know enough to talk to other nerds on a few small topics.
Most nerds wish to be geeks but are unable to finish college because the spent there money and time on magic cards.
by EE February 16, 2005
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