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Limmer, Pop and Naomi. We are geeks. And proud.
"Here come the geeks"
by Ya mam May 22, 2003
Has no social life at all.
teaches everyone all the new tech-shit @ work.
earns twice as much as the people who made them feel bad in school.
Spends half of this on porn.
Has sex with a guido's girlfriend, while watching porn.
guido: "yo playboy look at that geek"

Nerd: "fernando please just do your job and shut up."

Guido: "yes...i'me sorry boss"
by lolcat-enthousiast September 06, 2008
Kind of the opposite of a jock. Both as bad as each other. I wish there was a name for someone in the middle like me.
Noticed how all the definitions of jock on urbandictionary are bad, and definitions of geek and nerd are praising? The internet is full of geeks.
by T-mard January 05, 2008
Weed, Mary jane, mainly used by the greatest rap group ever Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, straight outta cleveland baby
Hey bizzy lets smoke some geek
by Urban Dictionary May 24, 2005
Somebody who is very good with computers and does not have a normal social life.

Sometimes the term "geek" can be used to describe someone with a strong interest for something other than computers.
I'm a computer geek. I can set up Active Directory, write an executable program, and run Windows in a virtual machine, but there's no way I can ask a girl out on a date.

She's a history geek.
by computer_guy February 16, 2008
People who like computers and wanna be Bill Gates when they get older. They also don't have n e friends except with other geeks. And there not very athletic and they are really really smary. A B is a bad grade for them
Geeks are smart and weird
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
another way of saying "thats funny" or "laughing"
"Dude thats a geek!"
"I was geekin so hard when i saw her fall!"
by cholden April 30, 2008