another way of saying "thats funny" or "laughing"
"Dude thats a geek!"
"I was geekin so hard when i saw her fall!"
by cholden April 30, 2008
Somebody who is very good with computers and does not have a normal social life.

Sometimes the term "geek" can be used to describe someone with a strong interest for something other than computers.
I'm a computer geek. I can set up Active Directory, write an executable program, and run Windows in a virtual machine, but there's no way I can ask a girl out on a date.

She's a history geek.
by computer_guy February 16, 2008
the sort of person who would get really excited at the prospect of using a text editor on a 900 megahertz workstation to write out the definitions of technical terms
The geek always spent his lunch period in the computer lab experimenting with new ways to auto-hack various technical devices.
by Cookie_1134 April 29, 2007
People who like computers and wanna be Bill Gates when they get older. They also don't have n e friends except with other geeks. And there not very athletic and they are really really smary. A B is a bad grade for them
Geeks are smart and weird
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
Gareth Hawkins, G, G-Unit etc..
Can i have a packet of crisps and a pint please philippppp!
Take that cross necklace off please G!
And untuck your shirt you geek!
by Dean Harisson January 03, 2008
someone who actually argues about the differences between geek and nerd and dork. a fairly lame person.
wow, i can't believe how much a geek that guy is. why is he yelling at me over the difference between nerds and geeks?
by ralphlauren September 27, 2006
Ugly, socially inept, boring male (usually, but some of them can be female) whom nobody wants to fuck. Some of them grow up to be another abomination: yuppies. Many of them have a mild form of schizophrenia and have very limited breadth of thought process and cultural exposure. A lot of geeks are latent gays, though they try to mask it, but the reality is that they suck in bed whether with homo- or heterosexual partner. The geekness has a potential cure: gym time and outdoors. Geeks usually need to get a life.

Contrary to popular belief, someone being a software engineer or similar high-level computer professional does not equal "geek"--especially if they have education in the field. A well-balanced person who is athletic, well-traveled, true art lover, morally sound and in general has a life can be a computer professional and not be a geek.
I need to take a shower asap, I've been sitting near a geek... who knows it might be infectious.
by zackyboi2 August 11, 2009

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