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Geeked means..

1: tripping out of your mind.

2: really exicited, stimulated, happy.

see also excited, awesome, trippin, geek, hyper, happy

you don't need drugs to get or be geeked see also geeked up.
"Eventually if it was meant to be, then it would be
Because we related, physically and mentally
And she was fun then, Id be geeked when shed come around
Slim was fresh yo, when she was underground" - common - i used to love H.E.R
by Appkey November 09, 2006
White House, thats just what it is.. it's not blue house, yellow house, dog house, brick house, it's the freaking white house.

Mostly old, or middle aged dickheads reside there.
My god, I just pissed on the white house.. what am I to do!?
by Appkey November 28, 2006
A sell out rapper who only raps for albums sales, money, respect, and popularity.

Often the case with rapper's for sell is that their lyrics are predictable, they talk about the hood, how tough things are, how much money they have, and what cars they drive, what clothes they wear, they depict women nothing more as sexual creatures,music is mostly for the clubs, ect ect, their rhymes usually contain a very basic 'ABC' pattern, with minor variations and the chorus usaully has four words that repeat 10x, Also the beat that they rap to mostly sounds the same, especially with sourthern crunk/western hyphy type. the most notable feature of a rapper for sell is that their music has no meaning, it's just a plug for money, album sells, respect and popularity.

If you want to see a rapper for sell in action just watch MTV and BET.

If you want to know what a real rapper is about then listen to underground/alternative rap.
by Appkey November 28, 2006
a hypocritical-critic.

someone who critizes another but they do/are the same as the person their critising.
The church minister displayed open-hatred views toward gays, but behind doors he was gay, what a hypocritic.
by appkey January 04, 2007
Overly used catch phrase to describe the likeing of someone or something.
"P**is Hilton - thats hot"

Person: did you hear that new P**is hilton - 'thats hot' song, some fuckhead had the song stuck on repeat.
by Appkey November 29, 2006
dmp shorthand for digital music player which is commonly reffered to as an mp3 player, or an "iPod".

all the cool kids are using one!
dmp aka "mp3 players" suck because their memory cannot be upgraded, they play mp3 and wma and not ogg or other formats, they use id tags which is a pain in the ass to update, alot usedrm and the piece of shit ipod is running this bitch.

a cellphone is not a fucking digital music player!
by Appkey November 07, 2006
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