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Geeks have the intelligence and proficiency of Nerds but branch it out in any feild related to an area of interest. For example; if said Geek enjoys computers they will also enjoy anything related to the computer field including things that, if they were done by a guy that spends 6 hours a day working out, would be "cool". Geeks also make excellent Hackers because of their social abilities. Geeks have the advantage of being very capable socially, but usually only among other Geeks are they truely themselves.
Geeks are/n't very cool.
by Davin September 11, 2004
They are often the most intelligent in one field and become quite obsessive in that particular area (see: Trekies). The problem nerds have is that they are the most socially inept of the three classes.
That Nerd really likes playing with his Star Wars action figures.
by Davin September 11, 2004
When you fuck a girl in the ass while her head is in the toilet
I gave your mom the plunger last night after i shit in her toilet
by Davin January 21, 2004
Canandian National past time.
Yea so , ahh yea A. Lest eat some moose cock A.
by Davin January 21, 2004
badonka donk is when you've got a girl, her legs are on the mantel, and you scream skank'D into her nose. No really. It is. i saw it on TV once. Honestly. BADONKA DONK!
When something excites you and gives you chills, you shout "badonkadonk"
by Davin December 06, 2004

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